I'm finally back from my *wifi-less* trip, so I can share my 2016 Summer jewellery edit with the pieces I'm adding to my jewellery collection this season. When it comes to the summer months, I like to wear more gold pieces and statement earrings whenever I can; however some accented pieces, including floral themes, also work well with a light summer look. This seasons Jewellery Edit is extra special as not only is it in collaboration with Kaya Jewellery but we're bringing you a £40 voucher International giveaway at the end of this post. What are your favourite pieces to bring out in the summer? Shopped Kaya Jewellery before?

Recently I've been loving H&M's earring collection, especially the pastel coloured circles with accents of gold. The latest set I've purchased is a gorgeous pastel set consisting of white, pink, green and peach which would perfectly compliment other gold jewellery or a pastel coloured look. Personally I have three piercings on my ears, so I have to coordinate (post to come) each earring; these earrings will go perfectly with some small crystal studs or hoops in gold. Having your hair up in the summer is the perfect opportunity to show off some gorgeous earrings, why not have the earrings to match the warm weather?
Continuing the gold theme, I love adding a few gold rings to my digits and these are some very affordable ones from, once again, H&M. Admittedly these are the best quality so they'll last for the summer but probably no longer; the price is a small sacrifice to pay for a summer of good jewellery looks. I tend not to combine bracelets and rings but it depends entirely on the pieces themselves as to whether they go well. Rings, for me, are some of my favourite jewellery items to play with. 
Speaking of bracelets however, some hold a much greater value to me and I wear them with pride, which most recently have been some pieces from Kaya Jewellery. The Infinity Pink set* is their two piece combo in the mother and daughter section with some beautiful variations of matching bracelets you and a loved one can wear to celebrate meaningful moments. Sizes vary and you can chose which size you and your loved one are, but all bracelets come with a 3cm extension chain. 

Whilst these are labeled mother/daughter, their potential is much more. Friendship bracelets, sister sets and more can all be taken from this gorgeous set. The high quality pearls are a stunning stand alone piece, day or night, and can be purchased with matching earrings. Other collections include Baby, Mum and Christening jewellery, all available with the prettiest gift wraps. 
For a chance to win a £40 Voucher from Kaya Jewellery, enter the giveaway below (It's open for anyone, worldwide)! Comment your jewellery preferences in the comment section below, as well as check them out on Facebook. 

This giveaway is Interational:

What are your favourite summer jewellery? Have you entered the giveaway? What would you buy?

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