This month marks the half a year point of my Birchbox subscription and even though that means that technically I've only received 6 boxes, with the amount of products I've gained, it feels like so much more than that. I have another 6 months of this years subscription left (as I purchased the yearly package for £130) so I'm planning to do a half a year roundup in a post to come so watch out for that. Back to this month however, and I've received a gorgeous, glow in the dark box with another 5 amazing products to try out. What have you received in your subscription box this month? 

Mimitika | Face Sun Cream | Original Price: £13 | You can definitely tell that it's summer with the products included in this months box, including Mimitika's facial sun cream in the cutest little tub. This cream is a bold SPF 50 so it's definitely not messing around when it comes to protecting your skin from sun damage. The aim of the brand itself is to help everyone of all skin types to love the sun,  so you'd hope (and assume) that this cream is going to succeed in completely shielding the skin from any negative effects from being out in the sun. 

Cynthia Rowley Beauty | Eyeliner in Black | Original Price: £11 | Unlike most of the eyeliners I've recieved with Birchbox, this one is actually black. My personal preference is brown but this new Cynthia Rowley Beauty eyeliner is a soft, gorgeous charcoal black that isn't too dark so it works well for me. As soon as I opened the box I swatched it and found it so easy to apply, smooth and precise. This is yet another brand which Birchbox carries that I have never heard of, but would now love to explore more. 

Thermalitiv | Micellar Lotion | Original Price: £12.90 | Don't be deceived by the world 'Lotion' it is in fact just another Micellar water, and Birchbox loves dishing them out. However, whilst it might not seem like much, it does do a 'double duty' as it not only removes 99% of all traces of makeup, but it also gently cleanses the skin ready for exfoliating. The full size bottle is a little more expensive than my go to (by Garnier), so I expect a lot more from it.

Anatomicals | Coconut + Mango Body Lotion | Original Price: £6 | I love body lotions that smooth the skin, they're an absolute must for when I jump out the shower and my skin is in need of some moisture. Because it's summer, the skin often demands astronomical amounts a lot more moisturiser and lotions to smooth out the skin so it looks good in the sun and most importantly feels super smooth. This months body lotion is from the fun loving brand Astronimicals, and it's their coconut and mango edition. Ingredients wise, coconut is the perfect nourishing inclusion for the skin, and we all love the smell of mango on our skin, or at least I know I do! 

Number 4 High Performance Haircare | Fluoro5 Elixir Restore & Repair Oil | Original Price: £20 | We've seen this brand before and I've loved their products included in a few Birchbox that I've recieved, Number 4 is a welcome brand to this months collection. In the more high end price range, their Repair Oil is perfect for sleek, shiny, repaired yet no greasy looking hair, great for the summer. I am a huge fan of hair oils, they're quite necessary for me as my hair is very thirsty and brittle unless properly hydrated regularly. I am very excited to use this! 

As I mentioned earlier on, whilst Birchbox haven't teamed up with anyone for this months box, they've made a very special glow in the dark edition that is a wonderful touch, I wish I could show you! Stay tuned for my six months of Birchbox review coming later this month. 

What subscription service do you get? Tried any of my new products? 

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