As some of you may know, I love everything to do with France including it's skincare which is second to none in my opinion. I often make trips to French pharmacies whenever I can (at the expense of my bank account...), and this time around I topped up on all of my pharmacy favourites with a few new additions. Price range wise, some products, especially from La Roche Posay, are very reasonable however some are quite a lot more expensive namely Vichy. What are your French pharmacy favourites? 

Starting with La Roche Posay, I had to pick up my favourite hydrating toner, Serozinc. If you have  more oily or combination complexion then this stuff is made for you, it perfectly hydrates skin that doesn't need too much moisture, as well as balances and mattifies the complexion day or night. It's the first toner I've ever seen in a tin spray can, but one that nowadays I couldn't live without and currently haven't found anything as good. 

Another favourite of mine is from their Effaclar range, the Effaclar exfoliating toner for blemish prone combination skin. Partnered with Serozinc, this toner is the perfect first defence against spots and uneven skin tone. 

Foaming cleansers are a key part of my skincare routine, but ingredients wise some can do more harm than good. I like to stick with another member of the Effaclar range, their Purifying Cleansing Gel matched with my exfoliating brush for an even, gentle exfoliation of my skin. It's a fairly perfume free cleanser, and comes out as a soothing clear gel. 

One of the great things about french pharmacy brands is their deals, including free products when you buy a certain amount of their stuff. This time around I received the Lipikar Cleansing Oil, a welcome edition to my routine seeing as I'm completely out of my Camomile Cleansing Oil from The Body Shop. I've never used this product before, and I'm yet to explore the Lipikar range, so this is an exciting newbie to try!

As I've said, Vichy are a lot more expensive than La Roche Posay or Avène, but depending on what products you buy, you'll find some are very much more affordable. I first went for their trusty Micellar Water which I've been buying for a while now at only £11. It's perfect for my desk vanity as its got a pump so I can simply place the cotton pad under and get going. It's not too strong so anyone with sensitive eyes or skin will be fine with this, however I still recommend getting a separate  eye cleanser as you can never be too careful with the eye area.

Speaking of eyes, I have just run out of my tube of Eysilix by Indeed Labs, so I thought I'd pick up the very popular LifeActiv DermSource Eye cream. This is my first eye cream that has its own applicator, so it'll be interesting to see whats so special about using it as a pose to your fingers. This range is fast action for anti ageing and dark circles, so I'm hoping to see a huge improvement with my dark circles especially. 

Last but not least expensive, I picked up another little bottle of my go to night time serum the Aqualia Thermal Hydration Serum. Currently on sale for £15 however usually around £35, this serum is very mild but works well underneath a night time moisturiser. It's very runny, and the one critique I have is that when ever you pump it out, it always comes out to fast and goes everywhere. They may want to rethink the pump, but the product itself (once you have some in hand) is creamy, gorgeous and refreshing. 

What are your french pharmacy favourites? Tried any of mine?

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