As some of you may know, last month I was travelling around the U.K and France, visiting friends and family, and on the way I stopped off in Birmingham specifically to shop at the Bullring. If you've never been to the Bullring in Birmingham, I highly recommend you do, because along the way you'll find the Selfridges Food Court. I love Sushi so it was a no brainer when we saw the Yo! Sushi sign that we'd eat there, and it was definitely a good decision. In the food court you'll also find a very tempting Krispy Kreme donut bar, which we just managed to dodge, just. Have you ever eaten at Yo! Sushi? 

Whenever I go to a Yo! Sushi I'm always impressed by their efficiency, serving style and the gorgeous decor. I'd never been to this particular Yo! Sushi before, but I found it just as stylish and impressive as the others. We were seated promptly and got drinks almost straight away, then it was all down to seeing what was on the conveyer belt and what we fancied that appeared on the menu. If you're not familiar with the food on offer here, I highly recommend you check out their online food menu

On each counter there was a variety of Soy and Hoisin sauces, spare plates, chop sticks, wasabi and pickled ginger to use at will, free of charge. I loved the lava lamp style decorations at each counter also, it added to the warm, enjoyable atmosphere. Whilst it was quite crowded, nothing about my experience there was stressful, overwhelming or rushed, you can take as long as you like and have enough space to yourself as to not feel to squished up next to other people. 

Yo! Sushi is great in terms of price and has a clever coding system that consists of 8 different colours equivalent to 8 different prices. Not only is it extremely affordable, but you can also see how much you're spending on every plate so if you're on a budget you'll always be able to stick to it. The menu is so easy to navigate and includes calories, dish facts, what the dish goes with and allergens. 

The main dish I chose was the Harusame Aubergine, which was not only the most appealing food on the menu but it tasted so good. The aubergine is served in a garlic and ginger seasame soy dressing. I also ate a variety of typical sushi delicacies including the Salmon Nigiri, the Yasai Gyoza and the Yasai Yakisoba.  All were so delicious, I can't wait to go back! 

Have you ever been to Yo! Sushi? Whats your favourite restaurant? 

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