I feel like, even though I shop at Sephora very regularly, I'd never really tried anything new from their extensive range of skincare, makeup and beauty accessories. Well that all changed on my most recent trip there, just before seeing Bridget Jones Baby (epic film btw!) in the cinema; I had time to kill so I got to spending - bad idea! The outcome, however, wasn't a bundle of branded makeup, this time round I picked up some new Sephora branded goodies to try and for once, a couple of things I genuinely needed. What did you pick up on your last beauty shopping trip?

Since it first launched not long ago, I'd seen Sephora's new serum range and was very much intrigued; which of course meant I really wanted to give it a try. There are 3 serums to choose from depending on your main skin concerns; the Revitalising Booster for marked and tired skin, the Luminising Booster for dullness and irregularities, and the Clarifying Booster for visible pores and blemishes. It was hard choosing between the Luminising serum or Clarifying, as they both deal with my skin concerns, but I eventually went for the Clarifying Booster to start off with. I'm a sucker for a pipet applictor, and this serum easily slotted into my routine. So far I've seen mostly a reduction in the size and visibility of my pores, but over time hopefully I'll see more results on my blemishes!

One thing I've seen lots of bloggers raving about recently is the new phenomenon of using a dry brush cleaning device to switch between shades of eyeshadow, highlight, blush and all other powders. There are loads of brands doing them, but I saw one at Sephora and thought I'd pick it up to see what all the fuss is about. The Sephora Collection Colour Switch comes simply in a small pot lined with rough sponge for removing powder easily from your brushes. At first it seemed a little pointless seeing how simple it is; I can definitely sense there'll be a lot of DIY versions coming soon because there's very little I can say to justify paying for one. But, I do like the concept of it and when I don't want to mix shades, it's a good idea for sure. 

Onto a product I desperately needed; since I saw a version of this Silicone Mask Applicating Brush on Erborian's website, I couldn't stop thinking about what a great product it was and how useful it would be for me. I was lucky enough to find Sephora's Face Mask Spatula Brush whilst browsing in the accessories section and I couldn't have picked it up faster. I've actually used this so many times since getting it; with every mask I've done in fact! It's life changing, you waste no product on your hands, you use less and its overall such a pleasant process compared to the messy ordeal it used to be. I highly recommend picking yourself up one, Sephora's or not, you need it! 

The last product I picked up was a bizarre choice on my part as I thought it was one of those makeup brush cleaning pads, but in actual fact its Sephora's Precision Pore Cleansing Pad. I was hugely dissapointed to find it did very little for my skin when I paired it with my everyday cleanser; my pores still felt clogged and my skin just wasn't clean. Admittedly its cheap, small and flimsy so I shouldn't have expected miracles from it. But all was not lost. 

Since I'd originally thought it was a brush cleaning tool, I put it to work as one and it was brilliant! I had always wanted to buy one (like this Real Techniques one) and it has two different sections to use on different sized brushes like most others do. So, I was delighted to find I'd gone from having a lame exfoliating pad to a brilliant brush cleansing tool to partner with my Real Techniques Brush Cleanser. Magic!  

What have you recently picked up whilst beauty shopping? Been to Sephora lately? Have any of my new goodies?

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