I have moved home but this beautiful chateau is unfortunately not mine. Whilst exploring a park in Smarves (a little commune in the Vienne) and its many hundreds of paths I came across a large chateau and it's guest house (pictured above). It's beauty made me realise how much life has changed since I last sat down to write my blog and how I would never have taken the day to explore a park like this a year ago. Since work and uni take up almost all my time, my personal life has very little air time as it is. So once again my blog sat there waiting for my return. Well, here it is and I'm exited to share some of my life updates that you might find interesting. 


Since my last blog post was published I was employed by McDonald's France and entered into the crazy world of fast food service. The work we do is not for the faint hearted; angry managers, demanding customers and an insanely high paced environment can get the better of some people. I, surprising even myself, made it through the hardest parts and am now a happy faithful employee earning money to fund my studies and my passions. The world of work is harsh but I love my colleagues and appreciate almost every moment.


As of just a month ago, I moved out of my university apartment and moved in with my boyfriend, something I never thought would happen to me. We have a home that we rent with a garden and plenty of space; awaiting a dog perhaps?

Health & Fitness

I've always been an avid gym goer and I don't believe that will ever change. However like anyone who embarks on a journey of weight loss or muscle gain or just overall improvement of ones fitness level, there are highs and lows that can teach you so much about your body. For one I'm much stronger that I thought I ever could be and now that I mainly weight train, cardio no longer haunts me like an unwritten essay with a looming deadline. I personally have a much better relationship with my body confidence and don't beat myself up about not making it to the gym or an extra cheat day (or two). You'll be seeing a lot more fitness content on here because I'm so happy with where I'm at with that now. 


Leaving England and starting a life in France meant I lost basically all my friends from my old life, but this is not something I lament. I still have my best friend but those who have forgotten me along the way have shown their true colours already. In France I have equally as much fallen in and out of friendships being a naive new comer as I was 2 years ago; you trust almost everyone whilst in reality you can trust almost no one. Anyway, I'm now more content with the few friends I have that are loyal and always there for me than I ever have been. 


I have already mentioned my move to a new home with my boyfriend but love in itself is a whole new concept I explored in the last year. On the 31st of May the day will mark one year of myself and my boyfriends roller coaster of a relationship that has now levelled off to a calm bliss. I'm not one to talk in depth about love and relationships as I find it a little soppy and also completely different for everyone but what I will say is; I'm finally happy. 

I think I covered just about everything so I leave it there but stay tuned as always.

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