. 1 September 2018 .

I'm just going to come out and say it... I'm obsessed with camo. Camo coats, bags, shirts and anything camo related, I love. Growing and establishing my sense of style included stumbling across things I love without even thinking about it. Camo was for sure one of those things, I bought and bought and bought until I gathered quite the collection of camo printed items. When I eventually do my updated 'what's in my makeup bag' post you'll see my camo makeup bag make an appearance too. Make sure to check out my Pinterest page as I also have a camo collection (obviously)! 

Today's post is a simple look-book from a shoot I did featuring my fave camo items to wear spring and summer. Most camo prints are in a gorgeous army/khaki green colour which is also surprisingly one of my favourite colours for clothes, accessories and even nails (more like 'especially nails'). As it's a bold print, I always pair my camo items with a block coloured piece such as these denim jeans. 

I admit, I did go a little overboard with the addition of my camo anorak but I did an instagram pole on my story before the shoot and people voted that it wasn't over-doing it (cause I literally can't tell at this point). Head over to my instagram (@jesslately_) for blog behind the scenes and other lifestyle goodies. I'd love to know what your style guilty pleasures are and what you thought of my camo focused look from todays post!

. 26 August 2018 .

If you look way back into my blog's archive you may find a lil post about this trusty bottle of deliciousness, Mac's famous Fix+ setting spray. From the moment I got my first bottle I was not only hooked but also pleasantly relieved that I'd purchased a hyped up product that actually lived up to it. Since then it's my one and only setting spray and without a shadow of a doubt, a repeat order from Mac's website. The question is, with two years having passed, is it still as good as before, and what other products could possibly replace it?

I'm all about creating simple, not too cakey, makeup looks that appear natural and dewy so this spray made it ten times easier to achieve my desired outcome. However since it's launch there have been many other versions of the orignal Prep + Prime Fix+ that may be worth a try too. Noticeably the original odourless spray has been joined by lavender, coconut, and rose flavours as well as a shimmer and a matte version. For me the flavour (however pleasant) isn't that essential, but I would love to try the shimmer and matte versions to see what difference they can make to the outcome of my looks.

On the alternatives side of things, there is a lot of competition for Fix+ nowadays seeing as the setting spray market is of hugely growing success. Some high end successes ranging from between £20 and £40  - Cover Fx Illuminating Spray, Bobbi Brown Primer Plus, Marc Jacobs Beauty Re(cover) Coconut Spray, Makeup Forever Mist and Fix, Too Faced Hangover 3-in-1 Spray, Kat Von D Lock It Spray, Urban Decay All Nighter Spray. Out of these, I'd especially like to try Marc Jacobs' and of course the almighty All Nighter. 

On the low end spectrum there are some really popular choices ranging from as low as £7 to around £15 - NYX Matte and Dewy Finish Sprays, L'Oréal Infallible Fixing MistGerard Cosmetics Slay All Day Spray, and Milani's Make It Last Spray. Of these I am extremely excited to try Gerard Cosmetics' Slay All Day to see what all the hype is about, and wouldn't mind checking out Milani's long lasting spray either. 

Is Mac's Fix+ still your favourite? What are your current faves?

. 17 August 2018 .
The biggest beauty change I've made in the last while has been my venture into the world of eye lash extensions. Since then I've been obsessed and ensure they're regularly filled in when needed (which is around every 2-3 weeks). I'm totally here for them and say f**k off to anyone who says you can't get them done because they make you 'super fake' or 'high maintenance' - just do what makes you happy and if getting some lashes put in makes you happy, then go for it. 

. 10 August 2018 .

Your skin needs a holiday too believe it or not. I love a simple but flawless makeup look that's light and won't melt when I'm out and about in the summer heat. Admittedly it depends on the person whether they prefer a light, medium or full coverage base but for me it's key to keep it minimal to avoid any sweaty, cakey looking skin. I currently have 4 liquid formula concealers that have been great in this weather to achieve my desired coverage without the need for foundation.

My current concealer routine consists of a brighting concealer - lightweight, light/medium coverage of a yellow/neutral undertone - layered under a medium/high coverage concealer of my exact undertone (warm). For me this combo is great for brighting my under eyes and concealing any lines or dark circles. I use the Fenty beauty sponge (brilliant for getting in the corners of your eyes) and blend out to the middle of my cheekbone. Set with a powder, then I'm good to go with the rest of my routine - but no foundation!

High coverage favourites - my go to is probably no surprise to some, Tarte Shape Tape. It's a little on the pricey side but a little goes a long way, its long lasting and looks amazing on the skin. Before using the Shape Tape Concealer I consistently concealed with Benefit's Bo-ing (industrial strength) concealer which delivers the full coverage I need without the cakey-ness. The difference between these two is that Benefit's formula is more of a cream so it's a lot harder to blend, whereas Shape Tape is a dream to blend without the rush. 

Medium coverage favourite - if i'm looking for a slightly lighter coverage I reach for my Kat Von D Lock It Concealer, which for me seems to offer enough coverage but feels much lighter on the skin. 

Light/brighting concealer favourites - I've always been a faithful user of Urban Decay's Naked Skin Concealer (in light medium), it offers a nice amount of light coverage for under my higher coverage concealer, but most importantly conceals any sign of fatigue or darkness. I also have recently added the Fenty Beauty Match Stix Concealer (in the shade Linen) which is a slightly drier formula specifically for brightening the under eye; and boy does it brighten!

I hope this helped if you needed any new foundation recommendations or wanted to know a little bit more about the full face look using only concealer. What changes do you make to your base routine when summer comes around?

. 2 August 2018 .

Lashes are by far my ultimate beauty must, I've dabbled in the world of high volume mascara's, lash extensions and of course glue on fake lashes such as these. Esqido kindly sent over their beautiful mink lashes in the style 'Little Black Lash'* for me to try. Every persons individual lash needs are different, and as someone with smaller eyes that need defining, I went for a subtle but voluminous style from their mink range. 

I used this particular set three times with the Esqido glue and they were amazing every time. I have had issues with glue on lashes in the past but these are easy to apply, the lash band fits snug onto my eyes and they looked super natural whilst also giving me a full, voluminous look. 

If you're new to glue on lashes then I highly recommend the 'Little Black Lashes' or if like me, you prefer a more natural look on smaller eyes. Still not sure what you'd suit? Try their lash guide to find the perfect lashes for you. I went on three nights out with my set and they didn't once come off; however if yours do, the slim, portable lash glue is easy to bring out with you. 

If you're not a mink lash gal, Esqido also have their signature Unisyn range of gorgeous natural looking lashes so everyone is catered for. Don't forget to check out their eyeliners and lash kits as well! Check out my instagram post below for my finished look with the lashes on (don't judge my pose, I was already somewhat inebriated at the time lol!). 

. 15 April 2018 .

So.... it's been a minute. I've been away from the blogging community for at least a year and a half now thanks to many things but mainly the fact I moved to France and started University here. At first I tried to juggle the two but it became nearly impossible to learn a new language, get good grades and keep up with my blog. What I didn't give up however was overspending in Sephora, regularly bankrupting myself in Zara and obsessing over my new found love of the gym.